This Friday night marks of great importance in our community’s history; two eventful happenings that you don’t want to miss!

First, students and coaches of Asheville High/SILSA’s Speech and Debate Team have organized a formal debate, summoning four public figures from our community to argue whether or not Asheville has disenfranchised it’s African-American population.

At 5:30 pm at Asheville High School, Dr. Dwight Mullen and Dr. Darin Waters of UNC Asheville will debate Carl Mumpower and Wendell Runion in a public forum that organizers hope will highlight critical skills of persuasion and public presentation, creating more light than heat. This is definitely a heavyweight verbal sparring match you don’t want to miss.

Secondly, after the debate local community activist and artist DeWayne Barton will be presenting “The Art of Resilience,” an art exhibit, book release, poetry reading  and community solution- building exchange, starting at 7 pm at the YMI Cultural Center, 39 South Market Street. You can consider this the debate after party!

Most folks have heard Barton (B-Love) spit rhythmic words or attended events at the Burton Street Peace Gardens where one can enjoy nature, education and an opportunity to co-mingle with neighbors – but very few have heard the multi-faceted community solutions plan that has become Barton’s new baby. His work continues, with a persistent focus on community healing and strategies that create sustainability.

Be there to hear the plan. He will also be a releasing and reading poetry from his second book, R​eturn to Burton Street!

Written by datemycity