Unsung Heroes: A Grand Celebration of Latinx and Black Resilience
Héroes Anónimos: Una Gran Fiesta de Superacion Latina y Afroamericana

Sunday, October 30 – Domingo 30 de Octubre, 3 pm
UNC Asheville, Lipinsky Auditorium

Storytelling, Music, and Dance! ¡Narración, Música, y Baile!

Emcees | Maestros de Ceremonias
Miss Asheville Kahlani Jackson
Alejandro Padrón, Hola Carolina Magazine

Performers | Ejecutantes
Project Negus
GPE Kade
Nian Avery, Jr.
Terry Letman & Band

This celebration is free and open to the public. 

We are inviting the entire community to join us in celebrating not only the identified heroes but also to come together, to connect and align our efforts as we move toward a more resilient community. We have so much to be thankful for in our community and we know that there is great potential when we work together, recognizing what each of us has to offer.

Unsung Heroes will highlight points of light in the community through storytelling, music, and dancing. “We will celebrate the heroes’ stories of resiliency and how they have committed their life’s work to shouldering movements by lifting up ideals, giving wisdom and guidance to their communities,” says event producer Sheneika Smith. “By uncovering and celebrating the work of individuals and groups who demonstrate resilience, we will provide an opportunity for attendees to connect to this community’s resource grid.”

Attendees will leave Unsung Heroes uplifted and ready to access the extensive network of resources our community has to offer.

Unsung Heroes is sponsored by Buncombe County, UNC Asheville, and Date My City. It is the culminating event of UNC Asheville’s African Americans in WNC Conference, which begins Thursday, October 27. Click here for more information on the conference.

The heroes that will be celebrated are:
Educational Enrichment/Enriquecimiento Educativo: Kelya Estrada
Ally/Aliado: David Forbes
Arts & Entertainment/Arte y Entretenimiento: Oskar Santana
Health & Wellness/Salud y Bienestar: Kathey Avery
Environmental Stewardship/Cuidado del Medio Ambiente: Eric Howell
Historic Preservation/Preservación Histórica: Pricilla Ndiaye
Spirituality/Espiritualidad: Rosalia del Carmen Isla
Entrepreneurship/Emprendimiento: Members of Dulce Lomita
Community Legacy/El Legado de la Comunidad: John Hayes and Lucia Hinojosa Hernandez

For more information, email unsungavl@gmail.com.

Unsung Heroes

Written by datemycity