Date My City is part of a rich network. We encourage you to explore the following:


sasha mitchellColor of is curated by Sasha Mitchell and offers a number of resources about the African American community in Asheville and WNC, with a black-owned business and community directory, a community calendar, and a comprehensive history timeline.


Ewart M. Ball Photographic Collection N1846 Stephens Lee High – Statistics compiled each year by students in Dr. Dwight Mullen’s State of Black Asheville class at UNC Asheville. The site illuminates harsh truths about disparities. is Ami Worthen’s blog which aims to illuminate, amplify, and fortify equity-centric ideas and initiatives led by people of color.


Community Organizations

center for diversityThe Center for Diversity Education at UNC Asheville offers programs to help build relationships across differences to create a more inclusive and equitable community. They led a petition campaign in support of the creation of a monument to African Americans in Pack Square.


Center for Participatory Change – CPC has the mission of Igniting collective power. Transforming systems of oppression. Healing in community. CPC’s profound work includes creating intersectional spaces for healing and supporting collective action.


Hood Huggers International offers sustainable strategies for building support pillars for resilient historically African American neighborhoods, providing a framework for community capacity building while increasing the effectiveness of existing service programs. They offer Hood Tours highlighting the past, present and future of African Americans in Asheville.


M.E.D.C-LogoMinority Enterprise Development (MED) Committee of WNC – Hosts monthly events, and Minority Enterprise Development Week every September. Provides scholarships for trainings to aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow their Facebook page for weekly minority business features and announcements.


wnc decThe WNC Diversity Engagement Coalition (DEC) brings people together to support the professional development, engagement, and inclusion of multicultural professionals within their member organizations in WNC. Holds networking events every month.


CoThinkcothinkk logok is a “giving circle” that uses collective time, talent, and treasure towards investment strategies that address education, economic mobility/opportunity, and leadership development towards impacting some of the most critical social issues facing African American and Latino communities in Asheville and WNC.


waters and harvey showThe Waters & Harvey Show is a radio show and podcast featuring UNC Asheville professors Dr. Darin Waters and Dr. Marcus Harvey. The program The series explores the experiences of historically marginalized people and their communities, and considers the influence those experiences have within our increasingly diverse society.